Winning With The Speed Of Light With JetX

Winning With The Speed Of Light With JetX

JetX is a professional racing game for your computer and you can play either in solo or head to head races. A simple one-touch button and you are ready to race. If you like challenges, you can win for first place in your very own tracks. It’s fun and easy to learn. You can compete against other real players around the world that also enjoy playing JetX.

JetX takes all the details from reality and makes them virtual fun. It offers amazing graphics and sounds to make your gaming experience a real joy. There are several games available such as Time Attack, Round the World, Speed Drift, and Bass Pro Shunt. Each game has a time limit and if you want to win you must beat your opponent within that time. Some games have some other objectives along with the goal to win.

JetX also gives you a choice between playing single player or head to head. They provide a great playing experience for those people who love racing games but don’t want to risk losing their life in the process. JetX also provides online support, which means that you can easily meet other players and have a friendly competition to see who is the best player.

Most JetX games use the Unreal Engine and the source code is based on racing games of the same genre. The source code contains the details of the game that allow you to create your own graphics using the video editing tools included with JetX. You can use graphics from existing images or create your own graphics. Graphics are animated using a graphics editor. Some of the effects include animated particles, blurs and more.

In Time Attack, you must find the quickest way through different stages that are spread out in various areas of the map. The objective is to complete each level before the time runs out. You move at the bottom of the screen and you are required to tap the left mouse button in order to move your ship. When the ship moves, the other icons will turn to show your position on the screen and the current time you are currently in.

The last category is the Time Trial. This game requires you to race against the computer. You are provided with a track containing the tracks from the main Time Attack game and you are given two minutes to beat the computer. If you lose the time trial, you have to continue to the next category until you beat the computer.


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